HIPPOCRENE is available as a 3-tiered download option. 


tier one (Radio edits)

Pay-what-you-want for a high quality, digital download. These are shorter "Radio Edits".

tier two (extended vip edits)

Carefully crafted, extended VIP edits for the DJs and connoisseurs. This small purchase will get you a high quality, digital download of these tracks the way they're meant to be heard, and put a little money in our pocket to help us continue to do what we do. 

Hippocrene art.jpg

tier three (Producer package)

We're offering a unique option for the fellow musicians and true fans/connesiuers out there. 

Tier three includes:

  • HIPPOCRENE (Radio Edits)
  • HIPPOCRENE (Extended VIP edits)
  • HIPPOCRENE (Mr. Rogers Instrumental edits)
  • STEMS (Remix stems for every track)
  • ACAPELLAS (Pharroh acapellas)
  • SAMPLE PACK (Original choice samples pack)